Monday, May 13, 2013

Early May, Mother's Day and Teaching the Newbie

I used to think where did the day or where did the week go? Now it's where did the months go?

We have come full circle nearly one full year of trials and while we take a weekend break for the summer, I'm already contemplating mid-week night trials just to keep all our skills 'sharp'.

We had a great Mother's Day Weekend having spent Saturday Volunteering at Camp John Marc preparing the Camp for its' summer season. "Camp John Marc partners with community and health professionals and organizations to provide high quality camping experiences year round to campers and families who have a chronic illness or physical disability."

 ...Yes... that is Cathy working that pressure sprayer!
Mother's Day we had brunch, shopped for more property and of course spent time with the 'kids' including our oldest:
Luke... The Wonder Dog"
As friends are really improving with their youngees I decided a few months ago that I too would step-up with my Zack's training and am really focusing on him qualifying for Champs in 2014. Whether we go or not remains to be seen, but qualify... we will hope!  I've chosen to work on his weaving and keeping his speed up in the process. Too often I think trainers can stunt their dogs progress by putting so much effort on the dogs weaving cleanly yet compromising speed in the process. I see no reason that you cannot teach them both at the same time.  Just a thought.  Stay tuned on his progress... as we continue to try to........... Run As One!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February and Video Runs

So a few .... mind you just a few?... folks have told me that they want to follow the Blog and that I should write more fequently even if just a brief point or tip or two. So.....

It has been a fast two months. It's just February and we've hosted three Run As On Agility Trials already this year!. All have been a blast. So much fun watching all the dogs and handlers trying... trying ... trying to Run As One!

More on the trials later.

Tip: Video Runs... Short Story!

Quick lesson to be learned... Have your head around the preparation of who and what you want videoed. Also, for Contact Classes "Instruct Videographer to Stand By The Judge!" Our first Regular Saturday morning was a debacle. You know how you rush to get your dog 'cause you're first up. Then.... I saw the 'filmer' out of position...they could not see 'both' downside contacts...unbeknownst to me the video phone froze. (yes it was an Iphone, but I think it was a memory issue). 
Now I'm on the line.. Judge says: "Good Luck", a bit frustrated, feeling pressure to get going and losing focus on the task at hand... I think 'heck with it just go for it anyway'. "OK" through obstacle #1 Wyatt goes, then onward starting up #2 Dogwalk... Just then, the scribe (seemingly harmless right?) yelled to the judge that she could not see him. For a split second I was not sure what she was yelling.... at the time...was there a loose dog? an emergency?? Hot coffee spilled???  Something pretty important??? I looked back over at the scribe... quickly comprehending what she said ..another second or two goes by as I give her a look and say her name to question essentially.. "Why are you Yelling while we're running???"
Meanwhile Wyatt had gone on doing his job and was waiting for me at the end of the dogwalk. Wyatt hears me say something  (to the scribe) and as I turn back he decides "Maybe dad said go? Which way? 50/50 chance"  and with that... Game Over! :)
Needless to say we improvised that run:) ... And had a better plan from that run on. Sooooo, save yourself that lost run and have a better first plan than I did. 
The upside was I decided that if that was the worst thing to happen to us all weekend ( which it was) then we would be ok :) ...And We Were! No harm done. Wyatt ended up having some Amazing Bonus attempts later that trial. A few are below.
So... have a Good Plan... to Run As One!
Hope this makes you smile.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

So here we are October! Last week we were attending the NADAC North American Championships near Salt Lake City. Funny how quickly a year can go by.

We took 6 dogs this year...
 Stood in 4 States at once...
spent some time with our Aussie friends Janet & Kelly...
and even made some time to Run with our Dogs!
Amazing what you can accomplish with over 3,000 miles of driving, over 83 hours in the SUV... and of course with Six of the Best four-legged partners we could ever ask for!
More to some soon!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Much has happened the past few weeks. My good friends are half way through their move to Alabama.  Tank earned his Natch-7 a while back and his V-Natch 6 a few weeks back in Missouri.
I am another year older.... I know hard to believe huh? The end of July was the 10 year anniversary of the passing of my beautful Goddaughter and last week the Awesome Rita. And.... we have upped our dog count to 7 again. Don't worry we're not that crazy, just house sitting a little Pomeranian named Hannah while Court is in New York!   Yep, Run As One meets The Big Apple!

Courtney and Jeni in NYC
Know Who This Is?
 We also just released our October NADAC Trial Premium. You can go to the website or find us where you find just about everyone these days... FaceBook. 

On the lighter side (about 5000 pounds :) Our new RV has been back to the dealer 3 times. Stay tuned to see if we have to test the Texas Lemmon Law!

So, Quick Agility Lesson from the Ed Scharringhausen Run As One Agility Seminars.  
Everyone.... when running with your dog.... Stop Stopping!  Stopping is one of those rarely used rarely needed until the run is over kind of non-moves. What does that mean you may ask?  It means if you are on the course with your dog stopping stops everything.  Much, much more often... We need to keep moving to keep them on the Right Path.   Want to know more?   At the risk of this sounding like an advertisement.... Contact me at and we can talk about it.

Other than that for now.... Run As One my friends!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Perpectives, Gunner, Bud & Stopping to Smell the Puppy Feet

     Some past few weeks. I visited step-dad in the Midwest a few weeks back whom last week went through a seven day heat wave without power. I was with a great group of folks in Edmonton, Alberta last week, trialed this past weekend, Outdoor Concert last night, going to Good Friends' Wedding this coming weekend, other friends' June Party in July the next day and I just exchanged emails with my very first College Roomate.

      Time has a way of just passing by.

     Among all this going on Gunner was adopted this weekend. As many knew I was getting quite attached to him. The Big, gangly, once ill-mannered BC/Golden Mix really learned a lot in just 3-4 months and now he is gone. The highs of happiness for him and his Awesome new owner, the low of sadness from knowing how he will be missed, followed again by the high of being at the trial with good friends. We were able to watch an Amazing Junior Handler perform her skills with her proud Dad anxiously watching AND worth noting again... another Good Dog got a Good Home. 

      Then as we had been worrying and hoping to the contrary... the thoughts of him and them never leaving us ... our good friends' dog Bud who had had his own ups and downs....  sadly took that walk over the Bridge early Monday morning. My dear friends were so strong, calm and eloquent in their writings... no doubt crumbling inside. Bud was an Amazing Creation, An Amazing Being!

                                              Rita, Joie, David and Bud

      And what's the worst thing that happened to me this weekend? A Good Dog Got A Good Home.

     So some times we have to stop and smell the roses ... or the puppy feet. Ever notice how they smell like Fritos? Take inventory of what we have. Value those moments with those four legged partners. They will leave us way too soon. To this we must all pledge to give them a good life. Each day I hold ours close one by one, trying to inhale their goodness. I know them all by smell now. I want to always have that memory with me.

     We miss you Bud.  You will always be THE FIRST DOG EVER to run at a Run As One Trial! I know you are running up there somewhere right now with Rita... or likely letting Rita bite that nose.

                                        HUG YOUR DOGS EVERY DAY!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Looking Back at Our Inaugural Trial and the Value of Bond

Now that 2 weeks have gone by I'm taking a few more minutes to post just a few thoughts of what was likely the most fun Agility Trial that I have ever been to. Not to offend anyone because I have been to many many really fun trials... and we probably all think ours are the most fun? 

Our Inaugural Trial was the epitome of folks who love their dogs. A lady who trains with me came to our first trial... I believe this was only the second trial she and her husband had ever been to. A few days later she commented to me that she "really admired that our dogs looked happy"... she "liked how we interacted with ours".  She added that "she had seen other dogs in other places where they were more like machines and while responsive... they did not look happy" ... and neither did some of the handlers. That clearly was not the case at our NADAC trial. Happy Dogs and Happy Handlers.

Most of the Run As One Trial teams were happy. Folks running with their partners... all levels.. all types of struggles and successes.  Yet no matter what one element seemed common there... Both Dogs and Handlers were Happy. That Amazing Dog/Handler Bond was everywhere.  They both appeared to appreciate each other... in spite of faults and late commands and off courses.  I have said many times that some of our Best Runs were not our cleanest, but the ones where we were both trying, both giving 100% and both enjoying the ride with our partner.

People for the most part just did not complain. Volunteers... so many to name here...  that just kept stepping in and stepping up. We could not have asked for a better group of folks to be there for our first Big Event.  And to that... I am compelled to speak of one other bond... The Human One. I know some folks came just to be here out of Loyalty. My friend Sue who ran with Broken Bones in her feet, My friend Pat who worked her arse off for 2 straight days and did not even run a dog, My friends David and Joie who were relentless in continually jumping in where needed... even with Tunnel Bags ;). Friends like tireless Jenny & Tim whose contributions began months ago and right to parking the trailer back at our home... Courtney, Jeni... My friends Gwen, Randy and Desiree who showed up like Knights in Armor on Day One to 'Rescue Us' in setup while running behind... My friend Mary Jo the sole Okie Gal I will always remember you being here, Linda and Dianne and that Amazing Run As One Cake (if you haven't seen it go to the Events or Home page). Our first trial Junior Handler Danielle and her Dad Daniel performing as Roadie so she could debut Tejas, Our study friend Marcy who I know hates the heat but helped often each day, Tamara who without being asked jumped in to course build, Lauren and Graham volunteer partners, Kathryn gate. Renate leash runner, Karla, Pam, Sophia , Michele and William... loyal to a fault, Donna, Yani, Denise, Gretchen. Danielle and chauffeur Paul, a cast of new and beginner folks from Caroline, Aimee, Joy, Katrena, Micki, Tom, Donna, Ric, Jane, Elizabeth, Lauren, Gayle, Sarah, Tim and Carol... among others.  Even if I did not name you here please know you are all appreciated.

Even with us in spirit in spite of not being able to be there each day Deb, Rena, Ragni and a cast of others all representing the Human Bond.

Thank You all and remember to always strive to Run As One!

© 2012 Run As One Agility, LLC.