Thursday, August 16, 2012

Much has happened the past few weeks. My good friends are half way through their move to Alabama.  Tank earned his Natch-7 a while back and his V-Natch 6 a few weeks back in Missouri.
I am another year older.... I know hard to believe huh? The end of July was the 10 year anniversary of the passing of my beautful Goddaughter and last week the Awesome Rita. And.... we have upped our dog count to 7 again. Don't worry we're not that crazy, just house sitting a little Pomeranian named Hannah while Court is in New York!   Yep, Run As One meets The Big Apple!

Courtney and Jeni in NYC
Know Who This Is?
 We also just released our October NADAC Trial Premium. You can go to the website or find us where you find just about everyone these days... FaceBook. 

On the lighter side (about 5000 pounds :) Our new RV has been back to the dealer 3 times. Stay tuned to see if we have to test the Texas Lemmon Law!

So, Quick Agility Lesson from the Ed Scharringhausen Run As One Agility Seminars.  
Everyone.... when running with your dog.... Stop Stopping!  Stopping is one of those rarely used rarely needed until the run is over kind of non-moves. What does that mean you may ask?  It means if you are on the course with your dog stopping stops everything.  Much, much more often... We need to keep moving to keep them on the Right Path.   Want to know more?   At the risk of this sounding like an advertisement.... Contact me at and we can talk about it.

Other than that for now.... Run As One my friends!


  1. V NATCH 6- incredible! We miss that Alabama girl already.

  2. That Alabama girl misses you guys too!

    Super excited that October is almost here. :)


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