Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Farewell Calera

     Bittersweet it is officially over in Calera. The last FundRaiser was this past weekend. I am mixed with emotions still. I am happy for the NADAC folks for having sold the property so they can make their final? move to California. I am sad for those of us who found a home away from home there. We have already missed Sharon & Chris and my buddy Marj who have been gone for a while now... but my friend Becky Woodruff who held that place together these past several months will be dearly missed most of all.  The feral dogs, the rescues, the trials, the gathering of people, the kindness. the friendships... are all now soon to be wonderful memories.
    Well, we went out with a bang. Two full days from dawn to dusk... trialing, eating. The food people brought was ridiculous. I wished all these year we had had the desserts and pastries table out near the lines like last weekend. Run a dog have pastry, run a dog eat a cream puff, run a dog munch a cookie.....burn those calories, put 'em back on. Whoever put that table out there.... Genius I tell you... Genius!!!
    Our family alone ran so many runs up there, earned so many titles up there. Just recently Cathy and Alex hit 5000 Lifetime Points.  Tank earned 4 or 5 of his Natchs on runs there.  Wyatt and I really started pushing long distances and received much guidance there too.   Rookie was one day from being put down before NADAC Rescue saved him and took him to Calera. My  young Zack was even a brief Calera rescue.
     Truly as much as few wanted to talk about the last runs, folks were laughing, smiling and taking in every moment.  The atmosphere up there is so relaxed.  I have learned so much about dog's and agility there. Hopefully now I can take more of that knowledge and teach it too.  I hope Gunner finds a home or at least a good foster situation soon. He is a good dog that will be Great given some direction and a chance.
     I will miss the best parts of many of my days... Waking Up there my 3 dogs by my side & feet, taking out all the dogs, getting breakfast and walking right over with friends dwindling in to all Run As One!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Looking Briefly Back at January

    Three trials in Calera this past month. Alex led the house again with 18 Q's.  OK, I know ... Q count. Well they were awesome. Tank and I are still working to get our timing back after his time off from agility. Notice I say our timing when it is really my timing that need work. His is Exceptional. He is getting his muscle mass back too. His speed is crazy fast. It's like he is trying to make up for lost time when he could have been running.        Haven't had too many Bonus Lines for Wyatt and I to work from but we keep "practicing" at every trial.  Rookie earned another Title and my baby boy Zack earned his first Open Level Title. I really need to start practicing more with him. Don't we all???  He really loves this stuff!
     Folks are starting to ask about Seminars again! Stay tuned and... Run As One Texas!
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