Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NADAC Championships 2011 Tank Wyatt & Alex

   A little less drive time this year as the NADAC Championships were at the Springfield, Illinois State Fair Grounds. We packed up our Herd of Six for the round trip to Dog Agility week. Pre-Trial events included non-jumping events Tunnelers, Touch 'N Go, Weavers, Hoopers and some EGC runs.  AND... even our 'Man Child' dog Rookie ran in all the pre-trial runs and was a crowd favorite. What a great facility! The setting was regal... well as dog events go :)... , the atmosphere was both energized and relaxed and the turf was terrific for the dogs.
    We watched many runs over the week. There were so many great dog/handler teams and a lot of amazing performances. Sharon Nelson, Chris Nelson, Beck Woodruff and all the crew of volunteers nailed their tasks and made everyone feel welcomed. Special Cudos to the most delightful Tim & Becky Spring! Tim oversaw all volunteers and was flawless.
   We ran of our partners this year. Tank ,Wyatt & Alex all finished in the top 10 with a number of high placements. Wyatt placed 6th in SuperStakes, while Tank finished 5th overall.  Cathy & Alex made it to the Finals this year finishing 5th!  They were Awesome too! 
  So, now back home settled back in our own beds with plenty of things to work on for the coming year. As for me, off to North Carolina tomorrow!

Check out some of our Championship runs here:
Wyatt Superstakes
Cathy & Alex

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thanks To My Friends

     I would of course be re-miss if I did not say thank you to a few close friends who have encouraged and have supported me to move ahead with Run As One!  Jenny and Tim are the techno masters and I know you probably think they are geeks or something just because they are so computer savvy. Fact is they are not. They are just normal folks. Jenny is a brain surgeon or neurologist, I mean every neighbor hood has one right?  and Tim is ... ok a computer guy.  But he's not a geek. Well at least not in the deprecating sense of the word. He's my brother of sorts!

     The real test of our friendship apparently has not yet occurred although I'm sure it was tested in setting up the website. How do I know this? Well, they have yet to get blamed for when something happens to the blog or the site or.... I don't think they know I just don't like to take blame. I'm from the David Letterman school of..well... he once said: "I find it best to blame someone else". :)
     What does this have to do with Dog Agility you ask? They are Inceptive (I know... I found it in a Thesaurus) Members of Run As One....AND... they have 3 Border Collie/Mixes whom all run agility.
Yes, they all Run As One!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Run As One Dog Agility Blog

     Welcome to my Run As One Blog!     

     So since this is my first blog I guess whoever is out there reading this will be taking a journey with me and this Dog world much of my life is now built around.  I hope to just let my mind think and my fingers type thoughts that in some way will always have a connection to my dogs and likely to dog agility.  I expect there will be some point in each post and to that if you do start following this I will pledge to keep the rambling to a minimum, hopefully leaving both of us with something to feel good about.  I promise once I hit that post button that alone will feel good for at least me :)

     Brief Bio: I am Owner/Co-owner, Trainer and Handler of the following fine dogs: Luke, Alex, Tank, Wyatt, Rookie & Zack. Oh, and we have 1 cat named Stella. These fine four legged partners will from here forward be referred to as the group we affectionately call: "The Herd".

     To that I wish all well. Love your dogs and enjoy the moments with them as you ever after continue to Run As One!

Ed Scharringhausen
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