Tuesday, March 6, 2012

San Marcos Trial & Gunner The Foster

What a great weekend at the AK9X Trial in San Marcos, TX this past weekend. RV'ing on site just 30 feet from the crating area was sweet. 

My friend Kim Galusha along with the club allowed us to take our temp. Foster.... yes I really mean foster this time, our Inn is full!!!..... Gunner. Gunner is a beautiful sweet and big Border Collie possibly a bit of other big dog mix.   Many friends walked & helped care for him. Deb even taught him a few commands. He is very smart.  He was also very sweet, excellent on-leash and had a lot of adoption 'interest'.  He is still available as of today if you know anyone? He does have two people 'testing' him in their homes over the next few days. If interested in him please email me soon!

We had a blast running. Admittedly I was not myself on Sunday so Tank, Wyatt & Zack did not get their best handler moments. That said, thanks to Jumpers... God willing... Tank is now just 2 Jumpers away from his NATCH-7, Wyatt earned a 20 pt Jumpers Bonus and Zack 'the youngee' earned his first Elite title!   Rookie earned his first Open Hoopers Q and Cathy & Alex won their second High In Trial for Veteran Dogs... their second HIT in 3 weeks! Awesome!

Chances one liner for this week to all reading.... Get Off That Line...... and Run As One!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Website Goes Live

Well, here we are!  Hope you enjoy!  Please go back and start at the October 1 Post. It sort of sets the stage for where we are now and where we've come from since last year.

It's March now too so... in advance... Happy St. Patrick's Day!

and remember....Run As One!
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