Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Perpectives, Gunner, Bud & Stopping to Smell the Puppy Feet

     Some past few weeks. I visited step-dad in the Midwest a few weeks back whom last week went through a seven day heat wave without power. I was with a great group of folks in Edmonton, Alberta last week, trialed this past weekend, Outdoor Concert last night, going to Good Friends' Wedding this coming weekend, other friends' June Party in July the next day and I just exchanged emails with my very first College Roomate.

      Time has a way of just passing by.

     Among all this going on Gunner was adopted this weekend. As many knew I was getting quite attached to him. The Big, gangly, once ill-mannered BC/Golden Mix really learned a lot in just 3-4 months and now he is gone. The highs of happiness for him and his Awesome new owner, the low of sadness from knowing how he will be missed, followed again by the high of being at the trial with good friends. We were able to watch an Amazing Junior Handler perform her skills with her proud Dad anxiously watching AND worth noting again... another Good Dog got a Good Home. 

      Then as we had been worrying and hoping to the contrary... the thoughts of him and them never leaving us ... our good friends' dog Bud who had had his own ups and downs....  sadly took that walk over the Bridge early Monday morning. My dear friends were so strong, calm and eloquent in their writings... no doubt crumbling inside. Bud was an Amazing Creation, An Amazing Being!

                                              Rita, Joie, David and Bud

      And what's the worst thing that happened to me this weekend? A Good Dog Got A Good Home.

     So some times we have to stop and smell the roses ... or the puppy feet. Ever notice how they smell like Fritos? Take inventory of what we have. Value those moments with those four legged partners. They will leave us way too soon. To this we must all pledge to give them a good life. Each day I hold ours close one by one, trying to inhale their goodness. I know them all by smell now. I want to always have that memory with me.

     We miss you Bud.  You will always be THE FIRST DOG EVER to run at a Run As One Trial! I know you are running up there somewhere right now with Rita... or likely letting Rita bite that nose.

                                        HUG YOUR DOGS EVERY DAY!

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