Monday, June 11, 2012

Looking Back at Our Inaugural Trial and the Value of Bond

Now that 2 weeks have gone by I'm taking a few more minutes to post just a few thoughts of what was likely the most fun Agility Trial that I have ever been to. Not to offend anyone because I have been to many many really fun trials... and we probably all think ours are the most fun? 

Our Inaugural Trial was the epitome of folks who love their dogs. A lady who trains with me came to our first trial... I believe this was only the second trial she and her husband had ever been to. A few days later she commented to me that she "really admired that our dogs looked happy"... she "liked how we interacted with ours".  She added that "she had seen other dogs in other places where they were more like machines and while responsive... they did not look happy" ... and neither did some of the handlers. That clearly was not the case at our NADAC trial. Happy Dogs and Happy Handlers.

Most of the Run As One Trial teams were happy. Folks running with their partners... all levels.. all types of struggles and successes.  Yet no matter what one element seemed common there... Both Dogs and Handlers were Happy. That Amazing Dog/Handler Bond was everywhere.  They both appeared to appreciate each other... in spite of faults and late commands and off courses.  I have said many times that some of our Best Runs were not our cleanest, but the ones where we were both trying, both giving 100% and both enjoying the ride with our partner.

People for the most part just did not complain. Volunteers... so many to name here...  that just kept stepping in and stepping up. We could not have asked for a better group of folks to be there for our first Big Event.  And to that... I am compelled to speak of one other bond... The Human One. I know some folks came just to be here out of Loyalty. My friend Sue who ran with Broken Bones in her feet, My friend Pat who worked her arse off for 2 straight days and did not even run a dog, My friends David and Joie who were relentless in continually jumping in where needed... even with Tunnel Bags ;). Friends like tireless Jenny & Tim whose contributions began months ago and right to parking the trailer back at our home... Courtney, Jeni... My friends Gwen, Randy and Desiree who showed up like Knights in Armor on Day One to 'Rescue Us' in setup while running behind... My friend Mary Jo the sole Okie Gal I will always remember you being here, Linda and Dianne and that Amazing Run As One Cake (if you haven't seen it go to the Events or Home page). Our first trial Junior Handler Danielle and her Dad Daniel performing as Roadie so she could debut Tejas, Our study friend Marcy who I know hates the heat but helped often each day, Tamara who without being asked jumped in to course build, Lauren and Graham volunteer partners, Kathryn gate. Renate leash runner, Karla, Pam, Sophia , Michele and William... loyal to a fault, Donna, Yani, Denise, Gretchen. Danielle and chauffeur Paul, a cast of new and beginner folks from Caroline, Aimee, Joy, Katrena, Micki, Tom, Donna, Ric, Jane, Elizabeth, Lauren, Gayle, Sarah, Tim and Carol... among others.  Even if I did not name you here please know you are all appreciated.

Even with us in spirit in spite of not being able to be there each day Deb, Rena, Ragni and a cast of others all representing the Human Bond.

Thank You all and remember to always strive to Run As One!

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