Monday, December 19, 2011

Tank or as he is currently nicknamed "Lampshade"

     So my dog Tank has had some past five months. What started out as many possibilities from stroke, to Horner's syndrome, impact trauma, aneurysm... turns out current diagnosis 'idiopathic' which translated means 'unkown'.  I suspect when 2 of the dogs collided (there were 3 running around our shrubs 'playing') that loud thud I heard was the beginning of the problem. Shortly after 2 Vets, MRI and a broken canine from the collision it was time for action.  Brain scan showed no markers so his brain was fine. No consistent pathology issues. Antibiotics, anti inflammatories, etc......
    So, off to a Dog Dentist and Facial specialist. Yes they do exist.  Not cheap mind you, but they do exist. My other concern was the canine tooth roots proximity to sinus tissue. Willing to try anything to help my boy who's head was crooked, face partially sagging (no, not a stroke) we chose to bone graft and repair the canine. Thus my action Agility North American Grand Champion dog and travel/errand partner was restricted to a liquid diet, a crate and just 3 light walks a day while stuck wearing what looked like a Lampshade around his neck and head.  He was one sad looking boy.
     But a trooper through all of it. Patient, he never whined or cried. He made the most of our 3 daily walks and occasionally me 'scratching' around his neck being very careful to have NO contact with his mouth. Three procedures over 3+ weeks too.
    So we are hopeful for many things this Christmas. More than any that when he gets this Lampshade off he will heal ok and be able to get back to his normal life.  I miss running with him. But I'd still rather have him in a Lampshade than not have him at all.
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