Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February and Video Runs

So a few .... mind you just a few?... folks have told me that they want to follow the Blog and that I should write more fequently even if just a brief point or tip or two. So.....

It has been a fast two months. It's just February and we've hosted three Run As On Agility Trials already this year!. All have been a blast. So much fun watching all the dogs and handlers trying... trying ... trying to Run As One!

More on the trials later.

Tip: Video Runs... Short Story!

Quick lesson to be learned... Have your head around the preparation of who and what you want videoed. Also, for Contact Classes "Instruct Videographer to Stand By The Judge!" Our first Regular Saturday morning was a debacle. You know how you rush to get your dog 'cause you're first up. Then.... I saw the 'filmer' out of position...they could not see 'both' downside contacts...unbeknownst to me the video phone froze. (yes it was an Iphone, but I think it was a memory issue). 
Now I'm on the line.. Judge says: "Good Luck", a bit frustrated, feeling pressure to get going and losing focus on the task at hand... I think 'heck with it just go for it anyway'. "OK" through obstacle #1 Wyatt goes, then onward starting up #2 Dogwalk... Just then, the scribe (seemingly harmless right?) yelled to the judge that she could not see him. For a split second I was not sure what she was yelling.... at the time...was there a loose dog? an emergency?? Hot coffee spilled???  Something pretty important??? I looked back over at the scribe... quickly comprehending what she said ..another second or two goes by as I give her a look and say her name to question essentially.. "Why are you Yelling while we're running???"
Meanwhile Wyatt had gone on doing his job and was waiting for me at the end of the dogwalk. Wyatt hears me say something  (to the scribe) and as I turn back he decides "Maybe dad said go? Which way? 50/50 chance"  and with that... Game Over! :)
Needless to say we improvised that run:) ... And had a better plan from that run on. Sooooo, save yourself that lost run and have a better first plan than I did. 
The upside was I decided that if that was the worst thing to happen to us all weekend ( which it was) then we would be ok :) ...And We Were! No harm done. Wyatt ended up having some Amazing Bonus attempts later that trial. A few are below.
So... have a Good Plan... to Run As One!
Hope this makes you smile.



  1. Those are great runs, even the 2nd and 3rd times!

  2. videographer for video #2 is amazing.

    love your your connection with your dogs...and most of all, love getting to watch you run as one with them first-hand!

    see you next weekend!


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