Monday, May 13, 2013

Early May, Mother's Day and Teaching the Newbie

I used to think where did the day or where did the week go? Now it's where did the months go?

We have come full circle nearly one full year of trials and while we take a weekend break for the summer, I'm already contemplating mid-week night trials just to keep all our skills 'sharp'.

We had a great Mother's Day Weekend having spent Saturday Volunteering at Camp John Marc preparing the Camp for its' summer season. "Camp John Marc partners with community and health professionals and organizations to provide high quality camping experiences year round to campers and families who have a chronic illness or physical disability."

 ...Yes... that is Cathy working that pressure sprayer!
Mother's Day we had brunch, shopped for more property and of course spent time with the 'kids' including our oldest:
Luke... The Wonder Dog"
As friends are really improving with their youngees I decided a few months ago that I too would step-up with my Zack's training and am really focusing on him qualifying for Champs in 2014. Whether we go or not remains to be seen, but qualify... we will hope!  I've chosen to work on his weaving and keeping his speed up in the process. Too often I think trainers can stunt their dogs progress by putting so much effort on the dogs weaving cleanly yet compromising speed in the process. I see no reason that you cannot teach them both at the same time.  Just a thought.  Stay tuned on his progress... as we continue to try to........... Run As One!

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