Thursday, April 26, 2012

April Almost Over Gunner is Still Here & Recalls

April went by really fast. Our foster dog Gunner is still here and here I go doing exactly what I wanted to avoid.... getting attached to the Big Dog. He is just so smart and sweet. While still having a lot of those puppy/ youngee qualities he is also learning so much. Still crate training he has earned more latitude around the house and has a good recall. He continues to learn from the other dogs. This morning he watched as I was giving the other dogs their breakfast and once he swa his dish... he headed straight to his crate, sat quite proper and waited for his dish to be "delivered".  He just ran in to give me a quick face lick and tell anyone reading this "Hi".  For more pictures just click on the Rescue Link at the bottom of our Home page.

Luke and Alex are over the bug they had last week so all is back to calm in our home. Thank you to those of you who asked.

I had a few private lessons this week and while I continually talk of fundamentals... including Gunner's ever improving recall... I reminded myself of a few things.  Those of you with newly acquired dogs or dogs that you've had for a while and are still struggling with a recall please take note: Don't take you dog off leash too soon. They need to earn the privilege of being off leash. That privilege should be earned through you training recalls... and not just for agility. A good recall will keep them from chasing that rabbit, squirrel, bird or... and more importantly A good recall is one of the top most important ways to keep your dogs safe. 

It is also one of the many ways in which you and your dog will grow together and get ever closer to be able to Run As One.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

WAG Trial Weekend April 6- 8

What a great weekend outside Waco! WAG really puts on a nice trial. My friend Marj Vincent flew in to Judge from Oregon despite post DFW tornado damage delays.  Thanks again to Rena, Marcie and the rest of the WAG folks.

We ran the whole crew. Rookie and Zack are fast finding their place on the list of crowd favorites. Rookie is now exclusively in Elite having earned his Open Weavers Title on Saturday. Wyatt nailed a beautiful 20 Point Regular Bonus line. He is just amazing.   Tank earned Natch-7 and for WAG's cumulative 2 trial awards Cathy and Alex earned 2nd Place and Tank and I earned 1st Place HIGH IN TRIAL!  Some weekend for our Herd to be sure. And even more Awesome was earning these under our returning good friend and judge Marj Vincent.

                Alex & Cathy 2nd Place High In Trial, Judge Marj Vincent,
                Tank & Me 1st Place High In Trial and Tank's Natch-7!!!!!!!

We confirmed some of our final Run As One Agility Inaugurate Members this weekend too. We are happy and honored to have some great folks becoming integral parts of Run As One Agility.

LASTLY, a fond WAG Trials Farewell to my close friends TIM & JENNY who are and will continue to be a big part of Run As One. I know the WAG folks should miss them and all their work over the years. While they are Officers in Run As One Cathy and I will miss watching Jenny, Cooper, Casey, Tim & Grizzly in McGregor. We are proud and privileged to have them as friends and look forward watching them at ALL OUR TRIALS as they too ... RUN AS ONE!
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