Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last New Year's Calera FunRaiser Trial?

    Sad but possibly true. Our home away from home in Calera, Oklahoma just north of the Texas border my be selling the property so this may have been that last FunRaiser there. That also means trials may be coming to an end there.
    New Years was terrific though. 4 Days of Running, visiting with old friends we seem to see too little of.  Many laughs and of course it's still the Holidays... so way too much food.
 It seems like we all occasionally get pulled into what I think of as the "Q Count". And while Alex and Cathy had something like 14 Q's and no less than 3rd place, Wyatt and I worked distance, youngee Rookie earned 2 Titles, my youngee Zack earned his first Open Tunnelers Q.... then there was Tank.
     Tank you may recall had been wearing the "E- Collar" or as we like to call it "The Lampshade"up to the Day before Christmas. So we had a week of light training leading up to not pushing him too much for the trial. I truly did not know how much I would run him if at all.  We ran very soft on the Weave Poles as his mouth was healed, but likely a bit sensitive.   Anyway, he had his handful of Q's and placements... but it reminded me more than ever of something.
    The best runs are not always the clean ones. I was just happy to have my partner back running with me.  After the last 6 months I will always appreciated every moment of every run more than ever.
     Oh, and my oldest dog Luke "The Wonder Dog"... He's Still Got It!       Run As One America!
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